About Us


Since our inception in 1990, our guiding principle can best be defined as ‘Integrity of our product of our people”.

As we accelerate into the 21st century, COMENTS continues to pursue the very goals embraced at the outset: unswerving customer focus, innovative service, and unsurpassed quality.

Registered in 1992 COMENTS combines decades of experience in Kitchen equipment manufacturing with cutting edge technology.

We manufacture products in nearly every size desired, and develop the optimum solution for every requirement and every use.

Our Mission

To attain the highest customers satisfaction

Our Vision

To be the leader in the market of equipment

We are aptly calibrated to manufacture and export precision products in numerous dimensions and shapes. Having been the leader in commercial refrigeration, COMENTS provides chilled water units for office buildings to low-temperature refrigeration systems for process cooling and vapor recovery systems, We have the equipment and expertise needed to complete the job right from the start to finish. COMENTS not only cater to the commercial kitchens in big establishments such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, Institutes and large canteens but also to catering contractors. We are aptly calibrated to manufacture and export precision products in numerous dimensions and shapes which are compliance with the international standards.

Quality applies not only to our product, but also to our people.
  • Many of the people that joined COMENTS at its inception are still a part of our family today.
  • We continue to do what we do best — to make the highest quality kitchen equipment with the customer’s specification.
  • This does not happen by accident, but by design.
  • COMENTS continues to invest in technology and expanded production capacity to meet the customer’s demands.
  • Our idea of success is not only that we meet our objectives, but also that we continue to refine our objectives in adherence with our company quality policy.
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